Our History

Our History

CPS Capital was founded in 2013 based on a shared passion for building great businesses.

Our roots are as one of Canada’s first search funds, a model that allowed us to acquire our first business, Windley Ely, in 2013.

In acquiring Windley Ely, we took over day-to-day leadership from the company’s retiring founders as co-CEOs, and grew the business substantially over the next three years.

While we were searching for and operating Windley Ely, we met with hundreds of other entrepreneurs and operators, and saw many great opportunities that were overlooked by established private equity firms for being too small, or in need of too much hands-on sponsor support.

With our passion for working with small businesses confirmed, and a vast and largely untouched landscape of small-opportunities in sight, we set out to build a firm dedicated to our unique approach to investing.

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