Expertise driven results

Partnering with high-quality, small and medium sized businesses

Founded by a pair of entrepreneurs whose passion is to invest in and work with high-quality small and medium sized businesses. We target companies with annual revenues from $5-$30 million and annual cash flows from $1-$8 million.

Providing business owners with strategic support and resources

CPS is different from private equity investors, we are a group of operators with investors who share our passion. We look to become value-added partners with every business we work with. We take a long term view and ensure that the unique culture and values of the organization are respected and maintained.

We work with each company to ensure we provide the right set of financial and operational resources. CPS Principals won’t hesitate to ‘roll up their sleeves” and are not looking to be passive investors. We bring significant capability, expertise and capital to provide business owners with an attractive option compared to traditional financial or strategic buyers.


We are here to answer any questions you may have about CPS Capital or to discuss a specific opportunity.