Why CPS?

CPS is different from private equity investors, we are a group of operators with investors who share our passion. We look to become value-added partners with every business we work with. We take a long term view and ensure that the unique culture and values of the organization are respected and maintained.  We work with each company to ensure we provide the right set of financial and operational resources. CPS Principals won’t hesitate to ‘roll up their sleeves” and are not looking to be passive investors. We bring significant capability, expertise and capital to provide business owners with an attractive option compared to traditional financial or strategic buyers.

Active and experienced management

CPS’s management team is committed to working closely with each business post acquisition. Our team brings strong and diverse experience from a variety of industries and functions, as well as deal structuring and execution. CPS’s principals bring the full benefit of their experience, resources and networks to every business they partner with. This includes bringing on additional management team members or the principals getting directly involved. We know each business is unique and will take time to create the right path forward with the team.

Flexibility for the business owner

CPS can provide owners with significant flexibility based on their objectives. From an operational perspective, CPS adds significant and diverse advisory and operational experience to the management team to provide flexibility in the operations of the business going forward. Financially, CPS can be flexible with investment structures to meet unique needs.

Maintain and grow the business

Founders will have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with CPS and will create and work towards a shared vision for the future of the company. We have done this with each of the 6 businesses CPS have partnered with to date and has been a key reason why we have been successful.

Long term investment

We are committed to working with and growing the business for the long term. We value continuity, stable employee relations and strong community standing. We appreciate the existing workforce and believe that investing in long-term employee development is a key aspect of business growth.

We are not looking to “flip” the business.


We are here to answer any questions you may have about CPS Capital or to discuss a specific opportunity.