TCP Launched as Final Platform in Fund IV

CPS introduces its fifth platform in CPS Partners Fund LP with the formation of Tree Care Partners (“TCP”), a buy-and-build platform focused on tree services and plant healthcare.

PharmaSmart and HiQo Acquired; RHP Launched

CPS acquires the second and third platform businesses in CPS Partners Fund LP: PharmaSmart, a leading digital health technology provider, and HiQo Solutions, a provider of specialized software and hardware development services. Royal House Partners (“RHP”) is introduced as the fourth platform in CPS Partners Fund LP; RHP is a buy-and build platform focused on … Read more

Fund IV Launched, and Cloudli Acquired

CPS launches its first multi-platform committed capital fund, CPS Partners Fund LP. Cloudli Communications (formerly babyTEL) acquired as the first platform in CPS Partners Fund LP.

Globalfaces Acquired, and KGK Science Exited

CPS acquires Globalfaces, a fundraising services provider offering a highly effective face-to-face engagement model. Having rapidly improved KGK Science’s operations and financial position, CPS sells the business to a strategic buyer.

KGK Science Acquired

Following the sale of Windley Ely CPS identifies KGK Science, a contract research organization, as its next investment.

Windley Ely Sold to Strategic Buyer

Windley Ely has grown into the nation’s largest firm in its niche, and CPS sells the business to a strategic buyer. Limited Partners realize returns of 5.5x their invested capital, net of fees.

CPS Founded and First Investment

Mike Arblaster and Jeff Tung found CPS as one of Canada’s first search funds. CPS acquires Windley Ely, a regional claims and absence management firm .